Kids belong in families. It is God’s design, it is the best design. And we believe that even when a child can not be with their biological family, whether temporarily or permanently, they still need and deserve a family. We also firmly believe that it is the local church’s biblical responsibility to care for the widow and the orphan, not the government’s. Those ideals have led us to incorporate foster care into our model of caring for vulnerable children. Foster care is practically non-existent in Guatemala and in much of Central America. We are determined to see that change.

Our team is working hard to build relationships with strategic church partners and begin to educate them about foster care and adoption. In 2018, we are negotiating an agreement with the Department of Social Welfare that will allow Story to act as a foster care agency in Huehuetenango.

We want to see Huehue become the first city in Guatemala with zero dependence on large-scale institutional care as the local church opens their doors to foster care and adoption. We are planning to officially launch this program, approve our first families, and make our first placements in 2019!