Posted on July 05, 2018 by Story Intl

Days here go by too quickly. By the time I sit down to start my work each morning, it seems that the day’s end has crept in and made its place here. Hours spent in the office range from meetings full of big dreams and brainstorming sessions to talk of the Paleo diet and the health effects of pillows. Expecting the unexpected has become my new normal.

One month ago, I timidly hopped off a plane and into my summer position as “intern” with Story International. I came with few expectations, knew almost no one, and I was still learning and absorbing most of what...

Posted on June 28, 2018 by Story Intl

In our efforts to understand how to best implement family-based care initiatives here in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, one fact that has been both surprising and encouraging is that in general it is much cheaper than traditional responses to the global orphan crisis (a.k.a. orphanages and children’s homes). Through the family-based care lens, addressing this crisis means starting with its root causes rather than the problems it creates. While both are vitally important, and as we’ve written before first-responders to children and family in crisis are absolutely necessary, the...

Posted on June 14, 2018 by Story Intl

“Y ustedes no recibieron un espíritu que de nuevo los esclavice al miedo, sino el Espíritu que los adopta como hijos y les permite clamar: ‘¡Abba! ¡Padre!’”

(Romanos 8:15)

¿Qué queremos decir cuando decimos ‘Somos hechos para la familia’? Para dar una respuesta adecuada, tenemos que retroceder en el tiempo, a aquel día crucial en la antigua Jerusalén en que Emmanuel, “Dios con nosotros”, se murió en la cruz del Calvario. Tenemos que retroceder a ese día en que...