Founded in 2012, the School of Hope is our longest-standing program. For 7 years, we ran a completely bilingual elementary school committed to providing the highest quality Christian education. 

Now, we operate an English Academy that caters to students of all ages from the Huehue community. We practice a complete immersion method, meaning our students are asked to speak only in English when they are in their English classes. By using this method of teaching, we break down the fear of speaking a second language and allow our students to gain conversational skills rapidly.  

Our school is also unique in that it is a blend of many different socio-economic statuses within the Huehuetenango community. Many of our students attend the School of Hope on scholarship through our family strengthening program. Others are from families within our community who seek out the school for its high-quality English program. This integration allows for a diverse campus where children from all backgrounds are able to come together and receive a quality English education.

Due to this unique group that we serve, our staff is extremely creative in the classroom and teaches to the specific learning-styles of each student. We promote interactive, individualized learning as well as trauma-informed principles in all aspects of the school day.

At the School of Hope, we strive to bring holistic care and education to our students. We are building up a future generation to be passionate and transformative voices in their churches and community. For many Guatemalans, English can be a valuable skill that makes them noteworthy candidates for jobs and other opportunities. We seek to break cycles of poverty and empower children with knowledge that will open doors of opportunity, and we believe a quality education can do just that.


Education is the key to a brighter future for vulnerable children. It is the tool they need to unlock their potential and change their circumstances. It is the spark that will ignite change not only in our students’ lives, but in the lives of the whole community of Huehuetenango.
— Abbie Case, 1st + 2nd Grade Teacher


Since 2012, 49 students have graduated from the School of Hope! 


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