Levi studied Spanish and speech communications at Whitworth University and is also ESL certified. In 2016, he moved to Huehuetenango to work with Story as an English teacher at the School of Hope. After teaching for three years, Levi is now our Advocacy and Development Coordinator Levi has had numerous other roles, including translation work, menu/nutrition development at the local children’s home, and being a “go-to-guy” for various tasks and errands. He still does many of those same things, but also leads a Bible study of teenage boys, works with our Guatemalan community outreach team to educate the Huehue community on foster care and adoption, and helps educate and commnuicate with our North American donors and supporters. Levi is a strong proponent of family and community empowerment and seeing people become catalysts for change in their churches and neighborhoods. Levi enjoys beekeeping, writing postcards, building relationships, and reveling in the beauty of God’s creation.