We provide services to every member of the family so that together, they can be successful. We believe that the best way to prevent the breakdown of the family structure is to empower, equip, and walk alongside. So we do just that through a variety of services offered free of charge to vulnerable families in our community. These services differ depending on the family’s need, but can include:

  • Scholarships to the School of Hope or a local middle or high school

  • Free, nutritious school lunches
  • Parenting workshops
  • Psychological support and family counseling from our Christian psychologist
  • After-school programs and childcare
  • Job placement and training
  • Financial support
  • Planned family outings and activities to foster healthy interactions


Our team maintains a high level of accountability with every family we support. Our goal is to lead families to a place of stability and sustainability without creating dependence.



Did you know that poverty is one of the leading reasons that children all over the world are placed in residential care? Guatemala is no exception. Over two thirds of the population of about 16 million lives on less than $2 USD/day, according to the World Food Programme. De-institutionalization is not possible or sustainable if we are not strengthening families and communities.