*Fighting for Family

“Family is the base of society, the primary source of an individual’s identity, of self-esteem, of support and livelihood. It is a newborn’s first school, and is especially apt to teach children character, moral and ethical values, responsibility, service, and wisdom.”

Our community is full of single-parent families who fight daily against poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and a lack of access to basic services. To make matters worse, they are alone, far from the support of their own families and often far from the culture in which they were raised. How, then, can these parents instill in their children self-esteem, safety, and identity, if in their own minds exist a thousand worries about how to provide for their families?

They search for support but find no one to provide it.

We are convinced of the importance of families, and so we focus our efforts on strengthening them, supporting them, and working alongside them to restore broken family structures. We guide the parents to help themselves and offer emotional support that allows them to recover their hope for moving forward and their confidence to offer their children a better future.

We are ready to walk alongside them, and alongside their families, and contribute to finding solutions to their worries and needs. When their basic needs are met, they will have more time to focus on the things that seem less important to adults but are fundamental to children: more time for recreation, more time to play, more time to have fun. . . and more time to love!

We believe it is our mission to equip and empower the most vulnerable through the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and that is what we seek to do every day.

*This post was originally written in Spanish by our Head of Social Work, Youscella Hernandez
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