Worry Less, Pray More

Our Communications Director, Emily, usually works stateside. Recently, she joined us in Huehue for two weeks. Here’s what she had to say about her time with us:

Leading up to my time in Huehue I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Would I know enough Spanish to successfully get from the airport to the bus station? Would I know which bus to board? Would I be in the way of day to day operations at the office? But God calmed those fears and spoke right into the heart of the matter - worry less, and pray more.

We could all benefit a little more from spending less time in worry and fear, and more time worshiping the Lord for what He has already done and what He will do. That’s where I am now - spending time thanking God for what He has done in Huehue and in excited thankfulness for what is to come.


I think about all that God has done in Huehue. I think of the children that have been reunited with family, back in homes with siblings and parents, back in the community where they are able to grow and learn, back in a place of support and a place where they can feel loved. I think of the parents that have stepped out in faith that with God’s help they can provide for their kids, that with a community of Christians supporting them they feel equipped. I think about the churches that are on board for foster care, something that prior to this year they had never even heard of, nonetheless supported and encouraged.


When I reflect on what God will do, I’m brought back to time spent in worship in Huehue. Worship felt different. In a good way. It felt necessary, a way to truly refill the tank, a way to sit in the presence of the Lord and confess to Him that although fears are real they are not more than He is capable of providing for. Worship allows for hope.


And in that hope, we are able to be excited for what is to come. We can be excited for a future where children don’t live in residential care facilities, but instead live with families, where they belong. We can be excited for a more near future where local Guatemalan families open up their hearts to bringing children into their homes. For churches supporting foster families and providing for foster children. For breaking the current cycle and for educating the community. We have hope, and in that we can be excited for what God is going to do.


And so we pray. We thank God for all that He has already done, and we ask for the things that we are working for and hoping for and fighting for in Huehue. And we pray.

*This post is written by Emily Massi, our Communications Director

Melanie Chandler