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Since Austyn first visisted his sister in Guatemala in 2013, he's known he wants to live here. Despite being ready to drop everything and hop on a plane, Austyn felt the Lord was telling him his timing wasn't right. So after graduating college, he came down for a few months in 2017 to help with Fuego Cafe. Now, Austyn is ready to work with Fuego full-time.

Austyn believes that Fuego Cafe has great potential, but recognizes that the business will need a lot of help to reach that potential. He has five years of experience with artesanal coffee and coffee shop management, and he's excited to continue that journey in the context of Guatemala. His desire is for Fuego to become a community staple, a place where young people can be trained in practical skills, and a place that will help Story establish a sustainable financial model for their ministry costs. 

When he's not working, Austyn enjoys Taylor Swift music, budgeting, grand pianos, a good pair of chopsticks, and hangin' with his biddies. He actively dislikes motion sickness, lice, and sharing his personal information online. Austyn has also made a name for himself in our community as a choreographer and practical joker.