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Abbie first started with Story International in its inaugural year of 2013. After graduating from Pepperdine University with a degree in English, she came to Huehue to teach Preschool and Kindergarten at the School of Hope. After that year, she moved back to the States for about a year and a half, until she realized her work in Huehue was not finished. God called her back in the middle of 2015 to fill a teaching position, and she has been living here ever since. Abbie found her passion in teaching and caring for the children of this community, and now calls Huehue home.

Abbie has specifically connected and built relationships with the younger boys at the local children's home. She loves reading, playing, going on adventures, and cooking dinner for the boys. When she’s not teaching or hanging out with the boys, you can find Abbie running, dancing, or stuffing her face with bananas and peanut butter.