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Our Programs

Our Programs


When we think of working with orphans and other vulnerable children, family isn’t often at the forefront of our minds. But why not? After all, they aren’t orphans because they don’t have money or new clothes or soft beds. They aren’t orphans because they have lice or don’t know their birthdays. They’re orphans because they don’t have families.

Too often, we provide money, clothes, food, lice treatments, and Christmas presents and leave it at that. But by doing so, we’re treating symptoms, not the disease. All of these things are necessary and beneficial to the kids- we’re making being an orphan more tolerable. But none of them change the fact that they’re orphans.

That’s why we at Story International are committed to family-based care. We strive to provide biological, extended, foster, and adoptive families with what they need to safely and properly care for their kids. By supporting families, we’re helping them create stories of togetherness, success, and love; and at the same time, ensuring that there are fewer orphans.

We base our family-based care model off of both social science and Biblical mandates. We encourage you to read more about why family-based care is best for children on our blog.

We support children and families in several ways through our specific programs: 

School of Hope
The School of Hope

Our longest-standing project is the School of Hope, our bilingual Christian elementary school that serves families from the Huehue community. Within the school, our Guatemalan and American teachers provide a quality education to students from all walks of life. Because of this, the school serves as one of the main ways we can engage with families from the community; after all, you have to be a part of a community to know the best ways to serve there.

Our students from vulnerable families often attend on scholarship, freeing up their families’ resources for other things while still allowing them to attend a private school. Additionally, they receive free school supplies and are provided with a warm, nutritious lunch. Parents of these students attend parenting classes led by our social worker and psychological support services from our psychologist.

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El Puente
El Puente

Our transitional living program prepares young adults for life outside of an institution. All too often, kids leave residential or institutional living with no outside support or resources and, an unhealthy fear of the world outside the walls of their former home. The El Puente program partners with these young people and aids their transition into the adult world. The teenagers and young adults in this program, most of whom are just leaving Fundación Salvación or Daughters of Purpose, receive spiritual mentorship and lessons in life skills, as well as monthly financial support that decreases as time goes on and they become more independent. The skills and support provided through the program help our young adults become fully-functioning, independent adults. 

By equipping and supporting these young adults as they set out on their own, we hope to break the cycles of poverty and dependence so often intensified by childhoods spent in institutions, and by doing so, allow these young adults to support themselves and their families.

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Family Strengthening Services

We provide services to every member of the family so that together, they can be successful. These services differ depending on the family’s need, but can include:

  • Scholarships to the School of Hope or a local middle or high school

  • Free, nutritious school lunches

  • Parenting workshops

  • Psychological support

  • After-school programs and childcare

  • Resources for families interested in foster care or adoption