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Our Businesses

Our Businesses

Fuego Café

Founded in 2016, Fuego Café is a for-profit 3rd wave coffee shop established to create sustainable funding for Fundacion Salvacion. A mission team from Roberts Wesleyan College launched Fuego as a way to create employment opportunities for students using entrepreneurial action. Alongside above average barista skills the staff hired here learn important job skills such as budgeting, and customer service. Fuego Huehue serves as a replica and sister shop of the 2013 founded Fuego Coffee Roasters in Rochester New York.

Due to its high elevation, Huehuetenango Guatemala has some of the most sought after coffee beans in the world. Fuego Café seeks to only serve coffee from local farmers getting the employees and community excited about their hometown crop. From chocolate to honey, all ingredients used in our coffee products are local, and utilize no artificial sweeteners. Fuego also serves a variety of food from snacks to filling dinner options.

100% of profit earned at Fuego Café is rolled right back into Story International's not-for-profit programs. Four of our current baristas are young adults that grew up in Fundacion Salvacion. Two of our baristas are currently a part of El Puente transitional living program and one is finishing up his last year of college on scholarship with Story. As youth graduate from our group homes, Fuego Café helps ease the transition by providing employment opportunities. Not to mention our kids are pretty excited that their first job happens to be at the coolest coffee shop in town!

Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/fuegohuehue/ or on Instagram @fuegohuehue.

Story Coffee Roasters

Story Coffee Roasters is Story International’s second for-profit initiative to create sustainable funding for the Fundacion Salvacion. The Roastery was founded in 2016 in conjunction with Fuego Cafe. The roastery aims to roast local beans strategically and artfully to create the highest quality product. Not only is Story coffee freshly roasted and served at Fuego, it is also sold wholesale to different vendors across Huehuetenango and the United States.

100% of the beans are roasted and packaged by our staff and youth-in-training right at the home. This is part of our initiative to not only create sustainable funding but to create employment opportunities as well. Our kids are becoming experts (and lovers) of one of Guatemala’s most lucrative and delicious crops, coffee!


Agua Viva Huehue

Agua Viva Huehue was birthed from the generosity and provision of Agua Viva International, an American non-profit that installs water purification systems in developing countries and educates communities about the benefit of using clean water, not just for drinking but also for cleaning, washing dishes, and bathing. Agua Viva Huehue provides clean drinking water to our home, as well as the surrounding community in Huehuetenango. Our goal is to be able to provide water to those who do not have consistent access to water, and to those who can't consistency afford to buy pure water. Every dollar made from Agua Viva Huehue rolls right back into our home and allows us to better empower and equip those we serve.