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Our Businesses

Our Businesses

Fuego Café

Founded in 2016, Fuego Café is a for-profit 3rd wave coffee shop established to create sustainable funding for Story International. A mission team from Roberts Wesleyan College launched Fuego to create entrepreneurial employment opportunities for teenagers and young adults from the Huehue community. The staff learn barista skills as well as more business-specific skills such as budgeting and customer service. Fuego Huehue serves as a replica and sister shop of Fuego Coffee Roasters in Rochester New York, founded in 2013.

Due to its high elevation, Huehuetenango Guatemala has some of the most sought after coffee beans in the world. Fuego Café seeks to serve coffee exclusively from local farmers in the hopes that employees and the community are both excited by and proud of their local industry. Fuego also serves a variety of foods- snacks, desserts, and full meals.

100% of profit earned at Fuego Café is rolled right back into Story International's not-for-profit programs. One of our current baristas is a young adult that lives in Fundación Salvación, and another grew up there. Our main cook is a graduate of El Puente transitional living program. Jobs so closely knit within our community ease the transition into adulthood for many of our young people as they learn to provide for themselves.

As we shift our focus to advocacy for family-based care, Fuego will become a central hub for resource distribution, education, and outreach. Families or individuals that need help or can help can come together and act as the body of Christ in one central location.

Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/fuegohuehue/ or on Instagram @fuegohuehue

Story Coffee Roasters

Story Coffee Roasters is Story International’s second for-profit initiative to create sustainable funding for the organization. The Roastery was founded in 2016 in conjunction with Fuego Café with the goal of roasting local beans in strategic and artful ways to create high-quality coffee. Not only is Story coffee freshly roasted and served at Fuego, it is also sold wholesale to vendors across Huehuetenango and the United States.

100% of the beans are roasted and packaged by our staff, including young adults who have grown up in Fundación Salvación and El Puente. This is part of our initiative to create not just sustainable funding for Story, but employment opportunities for those in our care. Our kids are becoming experts (and lovers) of one of Guatemala’s most lucrative and delicious crops- coffee!