Throughout the year, we welcome volunteers from around the world to come learn about our programs first hand, engage in Guatemalan culture, and partner with us in supporting the families of Huehuetenango. The volunteer program is suited for individuals or small groups (no more than 4 people) looking to spend 1-4 weeks serving in Huehuetenango.

Volunteers are expected to be actively serving in one or more of our project areas during their time with us. We encourage you to take initiative by organizing individual work projects or activities for the community, but our volunteer coordinator can also evaluate where you’ll be of most use. Volunteers are expected to organize their own transportation and meals.


Volunteers pay Q300 a week ($40 a week) or $8 a night to stay at the mission house.


We host volunteers in our mission house, located close to the center of Huehuetenango. The house can host up to 26 guests, so volunteers should expect to share the space with others. Volunteers have access to a fully equipped kitchen, bathrooms with running water, and WIFI. There is no washer and dryer available at the house, but volunteers can easily wash their clothes by hand and hang to dry.

I you are interested in Volunteering with Story International, please email the following application to (storyintl@gmail.com