Every year, we recruit 6-10 English-speaking teachers at the School of Hope. Our teachers work alongside our Guatemalan staff to ensure we are offering the highest quality education. Teachers are responsible for building curriculum and teaching a wide range of material: English language and grammar, Bible, Art, Music, P.E., and service learning- and all are taught in English. Teachers must commit to a full 10-month school year and are expected to teach Monday-Friday from 7am to 1pm.

While teaching is the primary responsibility and priority of all of our teachers, they are also expected to be actively involved in other aspects of the organization. Our teachers act as mentors and spiritual leaders for all children in our programs, both in and out of the classroom setting.

Our School of Hope teachers live in intentional community and share a house located near the school. Teachers work together, eat together, worship together, and become like family during their time with us. The community is modeled after the early church as described in Acts 2:42 and is one of the things that makes this program so special and impactful for everyone involved. 


Duration: 10 months

Pay: The teaching position is an unpaid volunteer position. Teachers are given the opportunity to fundraise their own budget through Story International.

Applicant requirements: must be college graduate (degrees in education and/or psychology preferred) 

Program includes: 4-day intensive ESL training, trauma and behavior management training at the beginning of the school year. 

Fundraising requirement: Teachers are required to make a $1,200 deposit to cover in country travel, ESL training, and a retreat at the beginning of the year. Teachers are also able to fundraise through Story to cover their living expenses during their time in Guatemala.


Teaching applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applications for the 2018 school year are now open. In order to apply, send an email to storyintl@gmail.com with the subject line “Teacher Application.” In the email, attach your resume, as well as answers to the following questions. Please keep all answers between 200-400 words.

  1. What passions and skills make you a good fit to teach English in Central America with underprivileged children? Please include past teaching or relevant experience to the position.
  2. How does your faith and identity in Jesus Christ affect your daily life?
  3. Based on your past experience and lifestyle, how do you think you would handle living in sub-par living conditions with 8-10 other people for an extended period of time?
If you have any questions about this position, the orphanage, the school, or our organization, please don’t hesitate to email us at storyintl@gmail.com