Mission Teams
Mission Teams

Mission Teams


Short-term mission teams are an integral part of our ministry for a number of reasons. While the concept of "short-term missions" is often criticized, we believe that if conducted wisely, these short trips can be of great impact for both the ministry being served and the team serving. We host teams in an effort to open people's eyes to needs of the world around them, build relationships, have an AWESOME time, and ultimately, to commission others to go into all the world and preach the good news. 

Without short-term mission trips, Story would not have some of its board members, staff, teachers, or many of its most significant financial supporters. Our philosophy is that short-term mission trips create relationships, and relationships change hearts – and a changed heart can move a mountain.


Who: Anyone! We welcome high school groups, youth groups, and Universities. We host medical teams, church groups, coworkers, groups of friends, family, etc. (There is no age limit, although children under 13 must be accompanied by a guardian).

What: Short term trips last 7-10 days and include a wide range of activities within the community, high impact work projects, and of course getting see some amazing sights in this beautiful country. We organize all of the logistics from housing to activities to work projects, transportation, meals, etc. 

When: We host teams in the months of February - October. We do not host teams November through January because our kids are out of school and we enjoy some downtime as a family during that season. 

Where: Huehuetenango, Guatemala (including one day trips to Antigua or Panajachel). Our teams are hosted in our mission house, located just a few blocks away from our bilingual school. The house can host up to 26 people, has running water, hot showers, and a functional kitchen and living space. While in Antigua, Panajachel, or Guatemala City (depending on flight schedule), teams stay in a hotel. 

Price Breakdown:

$75 -  Food

$10 -  T-Shirt

$40 -  Transportation

$25 - Translation

$150 - Lodging (Huehue and Guatemala City)

$200 - Contribution towards work project

$100 - Trip to Lago Atitlan

$50 -   Community Activities 

$125 - Administrative and Planning Fee

$75 - Donation to Story International

TOTAL COST: $850 per person

Will I be able to exchange USD once in Guatemala?

You will be able to exchange USD in the airport in Guatemala City and, if necessary, at a bank once in Huehuetenango. You should notify your bank before leaving the country to avoid any complications. (Note: You will have a hard time exchanging $20 bills once outside the airport. It is easier to exchange larger bills.)

What vaccinations do I need before my trip?

Story International does not require any vaccinations prior to your trip, but it is encouraged that you get vaccinated for Typhoid Fever and Hepatitis A. It is also recommended that you take preventative medication for Malaria.

Do I need a VISA to travel to Guatemala?

Upon entering Guatemala, you will automatically be granted a tourist visa which will allow for you to be in the country for 90 days without penalty. You do not need to do anything prior to your trip to acquire this visa.

How far is Huehuetenango located from the airport?

Huehuetenango is located approximately 250km north of Guatemala City. It is a five hour bus ride and Story International provides transportation both to and from the airport.

Do I need to purchase medical traveler’s insurance for my trip?

It is not required that you purchase insurance for your trip and insurance does not come included in the price of the trip. You will be asked to sign a liability waiver release upon signing up for the trip, and it will be a personal decision whether or not you would like to purchase insurance.

What do I pack?

Normal stuff. We encourage you to bring sunscreen, conservative apparel (no shorts for girls or women, sorry!), personal spending money, work clothes, board games or fun things to do in the house with your team, and personal spending money. It is not necessary to bring bedding.