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Want to making a lasting, positive change? Join our team! Check out the long-term positions below, or visit the Teachers, Volunteers, and Summer Internship sections of our website to learn about those opportunities.

House Parents
In 2016 we implemented a "house parent" model of care in Fundación Salvación and are continually looking for new parents to come and fill roles to make sure all of our kids are cared for! This position requires full time care of 6-10 children of varying age groups. We are looking for married couples and dedicated singles to come and fill these positions. Spanish proficiency is required. These positions are still developing, so any interested parties should contact ( for a full job description based on availability of the position.

Digital Media
We are always in need of volunteers who are passionate about serving through the creation video, photo, and graphic content. We love when people come down and tell our story through their own lens and share their gifts and talents with our organization. This position can take various different forms and is dependent on the interests and skills of the applicant If you are interested in serving us in this way as a volunteer or as an intern (with potential for college credit), contact with your resume and previous work.

Advocacy Program Coordinator
We are looking for a driven and dedicated college student who is passionate about marketing, advertising, and fundraising to lead our High School and College Advocacy Program. This is a remote position that involves coordinating and mobilizing students across the country to host Story International fundraisers and promotional events. The Advocacy Program Coordinator will be responsible for hosting their own fundraising event once a year on their college campus and assisting in the recruitment of teachers and staff for Story International. It is preferred that you have previously visited or worked with our organization in some capacity, but not required. This is a volunteer/intern position that can be used as college credit if applicable and potentially evolve into a full time position. Contact ( for more information about the application process.

Education Director

In addition to full time teaching, the Education Director is responsible for the organization and leadership of the English teaching staff at the School of Hope. The roles of the Education Director include the following:

-      Organize a week-long teacher training program for incoming teachers.

-       Organize and lead regular meetings with the English teaching staff.

-       Observe English teachers in the classroom and provide consistent feedback to staff.

-       Develop resources to support American teachers and goals to advance the English teaching program and school as a whole

-       Collaborate with the Guatemalan director of the School of Hope to make administrative decisions regarding the school.

-       Oversee the School of Hope’s after-school programs.

To apply, email ( with the subject line “Education Director Application.” Your email should include an attachment of your resume and short essays in response to the following questions. Please keep all answers between 200-400 words.

  1. Describe your teaching experience.
  2. What do you believe are the most important qualities of an outstanding educator?
  3. Describe your experience in roles of leadership.
  4. What do you believe are the most important qualities of an outstanding leader?
  5. What passions and skills do you possess that make you a good fit for this position?
  6. How does your faith and identity in Jesus Christ affect your daily life?
  7. Based on your past experience and lifestyle, how do you think you would handle living in sub-par living conditions?